Con 2

con_2-weather Friday we got a broadcast e-mail warning of a forecast of high winds for that afternoon, with bad weather continuing through today.   That forecast came true.  At first, on Friday, there were winds, but McMurdo remained at Con 3.  By Saturday snow came and visibility was reduced, and we went to Con 2, , weather condition 2.

con_2-1610 The lights on the pole signify that McMurdo has gone to Con 2.  If another set of lights above were lit, that would signify that we were at Con 1.  Weather condition 3 is benign (or as benign as things can be in Antarctica) and there are no restrictions on movement.  With Con 2, restrictions are applied to travel.  At Con 1, all personnel must remain in buildings or in the nearest shelter.   While McMurdo was at Con 2, the airfields and other facilities out on the ice sheet were at Con 1.

One good thing about the wind, at least from my perspective, was that blew out the sea ice, which gives an entirely different perspective from town.  The sequence of photos below show that happening, and a bit of the variety of conditions between Friday at 4:00 p.m. and tonight at about 10:30 p.m.



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