Among the arcane terms used by database people, metadata is one of the more accessible.  (I’ve done a lot of database work and I still can’t be certain, offhand, what a left inner join is.)   Metadata are data about data.  In a database, they describe things like the provenance of the data, or the structure or numerical representation of the data.  So, this metapost is a post about posts.

Posts have been few and sporadic recently.   That’s because I’ve been busy.  Once our streams started flowing, our work load increased (and the streams really started flowing right around New Year’s Day).   Often, we would go out all day and return to F6 to filter samples and transcribe data.   In addition, someone has to fix dinner and someone else has to clean up.  And, the work we do outside is physical labor in cold, windy conditions.  It’s not unusual to return to the hut, have a snack and nod off.  So, time and energy were scarce.

But, today we left F6 for the season.  We’ve moved to Lake Hoare where we will stay a week before we return to McMurdo.  We come into the valley and we go out of the valley through Lake Hoare.  While we are here we still will be doing field work.  We have four flights planned, one of which is a full-day marathon surveying lake levels at five lakes.  But,between flights when we were at F6 we also had to work the nine Lake Fryxell gauges and four ungauged streams around the Lake.  Here, we only have one “local” gauge, and we’ll probably close that on our day off, tomorrow.  And, we will only bring back water samples from six or seven streams this week, so our workload will be lower.  Plus, Lake Hoare has a camp manager and an assistant who cook evening meals six days a week (we prepare our own breakfast and lunch and do “house mouse” duties in rotation) so our life-support workload is lower.

Lake Hoare Camp

Lake Hoare Camp, Christmas Day, 2014.

This means I’ll be able to catch up on some posts that I have started, but not finished, and others that are but a gleam in my eye (and a bunch of photographs).   I am going to back-date some of these posts so they will (or at least should, if I understand the system) show up back down the list of posts in a more appropriate context.  So, you may see posts appearing for dates in the past.  (I’m still not sure I appreciate this blogging concept, where the beginning seems to be placed at the end.)


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