Celebrating the 4th at F6

Summer came to F6 on January 4. We didn’t realize it at the time, but that’s the exact solar equivalent of the 4th of July in our American seasons.   Temperatures broke into the 40’s. It was time to celebrate. Zach put together the propane connections necessary to get our grill up and running (the grill had been at F6 for a couple of years after it was brought over from Lake Hoare, but no one had yet hooked it up.) I’d looked at hooking up the grill earlier, but there was no tubing or fittings to connect it to a propane tank. I’d sort of given up. But Zach showed incredible persistence (bordering on obsession) in putting together a kluged up connection. It worked perfectly. Then Zach grilled us some stupendous bacon cheeseburgers.

Zach grilling on the 4th

Zach grilling on the 4th

I decided it was time to get out the shorts.


Summer was short, but enjoyable

For me it was a bit of a formality—in a little while even tropical temperatures like the 40s were a little chilly.

Zach’s bacon cheeseburgers gave us two of the F6 B vitamins, bacon and beer. Butter is the third. This is a place where being a strict omnivore is a real advantage.


The F6 B-vitamins

The F6 B-vitamins


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